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Some Blue Light Phones Out on Dutch Quad Until Mid or Late July

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There are 467 Blue Light Phones, located all around campus, which give students immediate phone access to police, fire, and emergency medical services. Due to the Dutch Quad Tunnel Repair Project, Blue Light Phone service in Stuyvesant Tower and in one of two Blue Light Phones along the Dutch Quad sidewalk will be out through mid to late July. The University recommends two alternatives while these Blue Light Phones are out: downloading the UAlbany App, whose Get Help icon links to emergency services, and adding UPD’s main phone number, 518-442-3130, to your cell phone.


UAlbany Alert: Emergency Information

The University at Albany works hard to ensure the safety and security of our campus community. In the event of a campus emergency, official sources of information will be communicated via:

  • The Web: This page will post frequent updates, and the University homepage will feature a UAlbany Alert notification above the social media icons.
  • E-mail Notifications:
    • Email messages will be issued from UAlbanyAlert@albany.edu. This includes class cancellations in the event of inclement weather.
    • In the event of a weather-related event interrupting campus IT services, UAlbany Mail may be accessible by going to mail.office365.com and logging in with your UAlbany email address and password.
  • Social Media: Information will be shared on UAlbany's Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow both for updates. You can also search social media for updates using #UAlbanyAlert.
  • Emergency Information Phone Line: UAlbany's emergency information phone line provides updates in the event of an emergency or weather-related issue. You can access it 24/7 at (518) 442-7669.
  • Text Message, Voicemail or E-Mail Notifications from NY Alert: Recipients must sign up for these notifications and can do so by logging on to MyUAlbany and choosing "SUNY NY-Alert Emergency Contact Info" under Self-Service. 


Emergency Phone Numbers and Links

For emergency dial 911

University Police
Including fire emergencies
Off-campus or cell phone
(518) 442-3131

University Health Center
(518) 442-5454